Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hadley Hammer telling us about her 2nd competition!

Hadley and Karissa Jackson locals and awesome ladies at the bottom of their competition in Revelstoke!

The wind was howling...and my stomach seemed to be doing the same thing. Standing on top of the qualifiers at the Freeskiing World Tour in Revelstoke Canada, I was doing my best to focus purely on taking deep breaths. If I've learned one thing from my first year on the tour is that your nerves will take over if you're not careful. It's a totally different feeling than when ripping around with friends. My guess is that the best way to succeed at this game is to be able to control your mind so you can ski the way you know how. I turned my music up a little louder to try to get back in the zone. Build Me Up Buttercup came through my earbuds and instantly put a smile onto my face (my second guess during this experience is that I'm probably one of the few athletes to ever use the Foundations to get in the zone). After a very random discussion with the event starter about the housing market in Jackson, I did two air squats to wake my legs up and dropped in. I skied my line like I rehearsed in my mind hundreds of times the night and morning before. After hitting my first two airs I was able to open it up a bit and finally take a full breath. I came turning into the finish line and couldn't be more relieved to see Crystal, Jess, Matt, Casey and Tim aka the best road team possible. Looking back there were areas where I would have liked to been tighter, gone bigger, etc...but I think it will all come with experience (and 10,000 hours of practice). Now all that's left to do is wait another hour before the results are released and see if I get to play with the big girls tomorrow!


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  1. WooHoo Hadley! Excited for you girls! Watching and reading from Cali!