Monday, May 21, 2012

JHBF Patch Recipient Karissa Tuthill!

Karissa doing what she knows best!

Hiking Cody!

I am in the  backcountry at the JHMR with a bunch of girls doing some powder filming shots when I see Karissa and a bunch of boys hitting a jump doing different tricks. The girls and I stop to watch as Karissa lines up and goes bigger than the boys throwing a huge back flip. I met Karissa at the beginning of the season, because she was coming off a major injury that she sustained while mountain biking. Karissa fractured her sacrum, fractured her L 1 and had to have cartilage cleaned out of her knee. She was lucky to be alive because she had fallen about 70 feet down an embankment into a river. Karissa had compted in mogul skiing the last couple years and wanted to try big mountain competitions,so I was excited to help get her strong and help her with competing in big mountain. For those of you that do not know Karissa her smile is contagioous and she is one of the most positive, exciteable people I have ever met. I could not believe that she was ready mentally to try and compete after sustaining serious injury in August. She has worked super hard to get strong again and is skiing better each day! In the last competition she threw a back flip in a place that a lot of boys would never try, just 5 months after the injury and never really competing in a big mountain compeition. This was very inspiring to me and a lot of other women! She also showed a ton of support to all the ladies on Babe Force ski day, which was inspiring for the other ladies. Karissas support of the other woman and pushing herself physically and mentally earned her one of my first patches.

-Crystal Wright

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