Friday, November 9, 2012


I am really excited to announce that myself, Kim Havell, Jess Mcmillan and Karissa Tuthill are coming out with a short film called Hecuba, "she walks purposefully." When I first thought of the Jackson Hole Babe Force it was in relation to not having very many women in films and seeing all the Jackson ladies ripping and pushing themselves. I have always looked up to all the Jackson Hole Air Force guys since I was a kid and always wondered why there not very many women part of the group, so I decided we should have our girls club. We had our first Babe Force ski day last winter and 40 women showed up! It was so awesome to see so many good skiers/snowboarders of all ages ripping around with one big group! As women in a sport dominated by men it is sometimes hard for us to excel and we feel more intimidated by big terrain. Over the last 5 years I have seen the women's level of skiing increase dramatically depending on what they are skiing everyone is pushing their ability in the sport. This goes from the competitive big mountain scene to the ladies of Jackson pushing their limits on a difficult mountain.

Hecuba Teaser from Apr├Ęs Visuals on Vimeo.

The other 3 ladies that I am working with on this project are all inspiring to me in different ways and when Karissa who is cofounder of Apres Visuals came to me wanting to make a film telling a story about skiing and our link to the sport, I thought it was such an awesome idea. Karissa was  my first Babe Force patch recipients and she is one of the more inspiring women I have ever met and is always pushing the limits. I watched her throw a back flip in her second big mountain competition ever, she did not land it, but had such a smile on her face when she came through the finish. (so awesome!) She is always so stoked to ski and be with all the ladies. We all have known each other, but have known skiing differently and it has inspired us in different ways.

Karissa and I. I do drink bigger beers oops..
Jess I gave my second patch to, we grew up together and have always had a sisterly relationship and been pretty competitive, but I have always looked up to her in so many ways and she has always been there for me in competition on and off the hill. We both were on the podium together last year in Revelstoke, it was so awesome to be up there with her and she was more excited for me than I was!

Jess and I on the podium in Revelstoke!

Kim is my newest friend in the group, she is also one I have looked up to from afar and when we finally met I felt that we became automatic good friends. She is such a genuine person and is always looking out for everyone. She also has skied some amazing mountaineering lines around the world, but is the most humble person I have met. It is like pulling teeth to here about her adventures, she always wants to know how I am doing!
Fun times on the horses!

Together I feel that we make a great team to make a short film happen. This is something I have always wanted since I started competing 6 years ago. We hope to bring more ladies into the mix and inspire more women to go above and beyond what they think they can do! We also hope to inspire the men to do the same! Ha! ha!

The patch!

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