Thursday, December 6, 2012

Super Sally Celebration

I’ll never forget the day fellow Babe Force member Sarah Felton called asking if I had heard anything about an accident on Once is Enough, a gnarly line on the backside of Cody Peak in the Jackson Hole backcountry. It was a warm, sunny Saturday around noon, and I was just getting ready to head to Village. At first, it didn’t sink it. But, as Sarah kept speaking, she said the rumor was that it was a woman in her 20s.
Immediately, I knew it was you.

After calling Don and Kendall to see if anyone had heard from you, Patrick or the Jeff’s, they both assured me—and themselves—that you guys were all good. It was hot, so it just must have been taking a long time to skin back from the Martini Chutes two canyons over from the Resort.

Reality set in, however, and by that afternoon, we were by your side in your Idaho Falls, ID ICU room.
More than eight months have passed since that day, and not a day has gone by where I don’t think of you and wonder what you did on that particular day to impress the doctors, family and friends. It all takes me back to when I first met you at The Meeting a few years ago. Immediately, we were friends. When you moved to Jackson in February, I couldn’t believe we had never actually skied together, only partying at random ski industry events where our almost identical worlds often collided. To say I was stoked to add to my skier girl posse would be giant understatement.

Now, you’re here, back in Jackson for a party in your honor this Saturday evening at the Pink Garter. The entire community is behind you and looking forward to supporting the organizations—Jackson Hole Ski Patrol, Teton County Search & Rescue and High Fives—who have helped you and continue to help you.

Cheers to your continued incredible recovery, Sal! The dance parties commence this Saturday!

<3 Julie W

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